What do you think about Dr. Sebi?

I went to several Dr. Sebi lectures and events by in the 90s, and I have to say, he’s a delightful elder.  Great sense of humor, and he tells the move vivid stories.  

He seems to have found new life now that social media has discovered him; until then he was a rather obscure figure in the Black community in the US, mostly followed by us Black Vegans, Raw Foodist, and Live Foodist.  He now has a hefty number of followers and detractors; the latter of which I know Sebi could give two fucks about.  LOL!

I hadn’t heard from Sebi since like 2004, now he’s everywhere.  Maybe I’m the one who’s been missing though.  

I think many of Sebi’s claims are absurd, of course, but I know people he’s helped personally. One cat in particular, I used to do business with, would drink heavy, smoke heavily, and consumed as much Soul Food and Caribbean Food as he could get his hands on.  I tried to educate him on Veganism and encourage him to join the food cooperative, but he’s always say “that’s some Kracka Shit,” but then he ran into Sebi and became a disciple.  The same dude who was telling me to “fuck off” with a chicken bone in his mouth was admonishing me to stop eating carrots and broccoli just a few weeks later. He new favorite word was “hybrid.” LOL! SMH.  On Sebi’s diet he lost almost 100 pounds, and reversed some other chronic issues he was struggling with.  Not to mention his issues with addiction were curbed, he still smoked weed, but got off that drink and other shit.

I wish I could give you his info for a follow up, but me and dude ended up having a fist fight over some money and property, and I don’t know if he’s still pissed that I lit his ass up or not; so, I don’t want to open that can of worms. (But if you live in Brooklyn, I’m sure you know dude, he used to sell pro-Black media down on Atlantic Ave, everybody knows him.  Oh, and if you find him you can get his lying as half of the story.  If you find him tell em Diallo said he’s forgiven, but after he gives you his “Sebi Saved My Life speech,” LOL!)   

Anyway despite his absurd claims, he’s helping people who wouldn’t listen to scientific or reasoned solutions to their dietary and health issues.  I know more than a few who were helped by Sebi, back in the 90s.  I don’t know what he’s on today though.  

I’m not aware of those who’ve been harmed by his diet or “treatments,” so I can’t speak on that.

So, I’d leave the elder to his quackery; besides the horse is outta the barn, look at all the Sebi spawns out here like Yada.  If you must debate Sebi’s claims, then bump heads with his spawns and leave the elder be. LOL!  

And if you think this dude is out there, and you like following Black Quacks, check out Jericho Sunfire; he promotes Breathatarianism and claims to go months  and even years without consuming food or water, and promotes this to his followers.

I’m not sure how JS flown under the radar for so long, since folks like giving like to boost this kinda shit.  But hey, I’ve been called a Quack, and even anti-Black for advocating plain ole Veganism in the Hood, so one man’s Quack is another man’s guru.