Validating Your Oppression…

The US government and the elite do not write laws and policies for what’s happening in a society today; they do them for what is projected to come.

You should understand this when you support Draconian Laws, harsh policies, and the destruction of welfare and the rest of the social safety net; even if you don’t need welfare, intend on ever opposing anything the state does, or are indifferent to how others suffer under US policies.

How many middle-class White people voted for Regan and his anti-union, pro-elite policies, only to find themselves squeezed into the lower rungs of income and social status by the hyper-elite just 20 years later.

How many white liberals continued to support Bill Clinton as he expanded the mass incarceration of Blacks, gutted the national welfare system, and went gunning for the Rednecks in the militias, only to find themselves needing welfare, and facing police repression and harassment as they endured from the 2008 housing collapse.

How many of you Black and White liberal folks are supporting Obama as he even further expands the ability of the government to kill without any due process, as he legalizes spying on everyone for any reason without a warrant, and claims he can kill anyone for any reason anywhere in the world. Who you think those policies are gonna eventually come against?

You think those in power are only after terrorist, law breakers, radicals, political dissidents, and those who disobey laws? Naw, they are making repressive laws, building prisons, manufacturing bullets and razor wire for you! The passive, good workers, who bow to the interest of the elite, and believe the words that come outta pulpits and through TV screens, you are their target. Study history and see who always gets the gun butt to the face, and the jack boot on their necks.

If you ain’t rebelling, your are validating your oppression.