The Inherent Genius of Black Youth (is Being Squandered).

Black Youth are not advancing because we don’t do subservience too well.  Our youth have high failure rates because becoming a cog in a corporate profit machine, or a bureaucrat (even a high ranking bureaucrat) in a false democracy, or an entrepreneur in an unsustainable consumption based economy is not appealing to them (on a subconscious level).

 Dr Amos Wilson wrote volumes on the ‘inherent genius’ of African children, and we know that great minds require a challenge; not to be challenged on paper, in test, or by regurgitating information that has been forced fed to it, but challenged by being a greater purpose in life.

The US education system is one that requires conformity above all else, and the African Mind is the most dynamic, it is one of the oldest and most evolved minds on the planet; so US education actually destroys the intellect of African youth, it starves it! 

Malcolm X stated almost half a century ago that; “Our children aren’t born dumb, they are made dumb." 

So the greatest minds on earth, those minds that contain the DNA of the founders of language, art, science, and civilization, are being forced to think White, to focus on White interest, values, and agendas; the better they assimilate White a mentality and personality, the greater their reward. 

Not only do Whites praise and reward Black people who adopt a Eurocentric Mentality, but Black people elevate them to leadership withing our Race!  We call these people who master Western World View and ways of thinking: Black Achievers.  Because they achieve within a system that is not our/their own.

The catch is; Whites only reserve so many slots for Black Achievers within their Systems.  Only 1-5% can ever reach the heights within this system because status in Western culture is based on exclusion and over consumption, so by its very nature to only allows a small few to rise within it.  Whites are even starting to understand this, that’s why the Occupy movement had the theme of the 99% vs the 1%.

That means that even if every Black youth abandoned their inherent African Mentalities and fully adopted Eurocentric Mind-states, we’d still have to see most of them fail, end up in the Streets, in the Drug Game, in Prison, or dying premature deaths in America’s Slums.  The system needs the masses of our children to fail, it is essential to both the economy, and the Self-Esteem of the White Elite/Masses.  Their very identity is based on their Superiority to other Races, so they will never allow us to fully elevate within in their societies/cultures/economies.

Ultimately, if you want universal intellectual, academic, and social elevation of Black youth, you have to go in a new direction.  Black youth need newer and more challenging goals to fully stimulate and develop their boundless intellect.

We should be grooming Black children to challenge and overthrow the US military empire.  We should be teaching them to subvert the global hegemony of Multi-National Corporations.  We should be demanding that Black youth develop a more functional, humane, and sustainable economic system than Western Capitalism! 

The African mind is a creator of worlds, not one that can thrive under servitude, if we keep driving our youth to servitude (even high paid servitude), we will keep seeing them fail by the millions!

When a people see their youth failing, the proper thing to do is to pave a new way for them, not to attack them, run from them, or to isolate them!

Give African youth more to live for, a greater mission in life, and they will surpass all of our greatest expectations!