What are your thoughts on those that say that the West is just doing what civilizations have always done? Civilizations have always sought power and conquest and it just so happens that at this moment in time, it is the West that has got control of things and their have been ancient civilizations who have conquered in a similar way.

My thoughts are; “yous a muthafuckin lie.” 

Western Civilization is a very unique and destructive force in human history.  Yes other nations have invaded, waged war, even colonized, and No, the world was not a multicultural utopia before the Europeans descended down from the frozen mountains to impose their ways of being on the world; but so what?

One thing we do know is that there has never been a culture so consistently destructive and omnicidal than the West, not even the worst African Tyrants, Asian Warlords, and Native America Warmongers were as destructive as the most peaceful Western Nations. 

The West is destroying the very life sustaining capacity of the planet, they are destroying the world’s ecosystems, they have committed genocide, ecocide, and contaminated every single landmass and body of water on this planet!

Not even the Mongol Hordes dreamed of this level of destruction.

Even when Western Civilization is a peace it generates death and destruction, its governing systems, its economic systems, and its social structures are anti-nature, anti-life. 

I don’t even blame all White people, because it has been shown that when non-Whites embrace Western Culture and the Western World View we have the same outcomes, and we see some Whites attempting to abandoning Western Culture and integrate into native cultures around the world; but that’s a whole different discussion.  My point is, even if no Whites are present, if we don’t abandon this Culture, Mentality, and World View hujmanity is still doomed, just ask the Chinese, or look at how they’ve ragaved their land-base as they “beat the West at their own Game.”

Whites have been talking that bullshit about “if you people were in the same position, you would be doing the same as we do,” for centuries, but the history , and the very ecology disproves this to be a fallacy. 

Africans, Native Americas (North and South), Asians, Island Nations, etc were all in positions of power at one point or anther, most had empires and economic relationships the spanned across contients and ocenas long before the first European wore a shoe, or figured out that hygene is related to health, and our ancestors did not destory the world’s ecosystem, drive millions of plant and animal species to extinction, or expend the majority of their intellectual and material resources figuring out how to kill as many people as possible.