I made a mistake with the previous question. I meant, what can Black immigrants do to build up their home nations whilst living in the West?

Black Immigrants simply need to join or organize Revolutionary Pan-Africanist Organizations in their adopted nations, plus all the stuff I listed in the previous response.

Black Immigrants when they arrive in the US or in Western Europe are simply Black in the eyes of our common oppressors and enemies.  

When Amadou Diallo and other African migrants are gunned down the cops are not shooting them cuz they are immigrants, when Abner Louima was assaulted, raped, and mutilated by the NYPD, they didn’t do it cuz he was a Haitian immigrant, where you from makes no real difference to our enemies and oppressors, and it shouldn’t make any difference to us, really. #RaceFirst

I find that many Black migrants are very good at sustaining ties to their home lands, people, and culture, while creating enclaves in their adopted nations.  I’ve attended Ethiopian, Senegal/Gambian, Kenyan, Ghanaian, South African, Nigerian, Oromo, Haitian, Congolese, Liberian, and Honduran community and cultural events and gatherings.  But along side sustaining these ties and sending support back home Black migrants need to use their networks for Pan-African Liberation efforts.  That’s all, the Black migrant population needs to be radicalized as much as the home grown Black population.  

All Black migrant populations need to end the practices of shunning, looking down upon, and sidelining home grown Black populations.  I know many Black migrants are told to avoid “Black Americans,” and other shit, but that’s not to protect you, it’s to avoid us uniting and subverting our oppressors.  I’ve had just about every Black migrant tell me about being warned about “Black Americans,” and I’ve worked to dispel and resolve this issue, which is a real and persistent problem.

So, Unite, Organize, Sustain, and Advance the African World Revolution.  That’s all.