Black Love Requires Black Power.

The question was asked: “Why can’t Black men and women find peace with each other?”

My response was: “Because we don’t control the fundamental resources and institutions required to live a dignified life, and reproduce the best of ourselves within our offspring.
Oppressed people can only find peace (within themselves or between each other) through (the process of) Liberation.”

Note: Peace, Love, Happiness, and these other high notions have material requirements. For instance; you can be the most loving person in the world, but if you don’t have adequate food, shelter, and security, you will not be able to express and share that love. We can’t just talk/feel unity, peace, love, and hope; we must acquire the needed power and resources to enable us to act on these ideas/notions/concepts.

Note2: I know that some of us have found peace, and love; but I’m dealing with collective love, universal peace, not individual feelings.