We Should Have Been Done with Bill Long Before the Rape Allegations.

it took the White Tabloid Media to provoke you to see Bill Cosby in a
different light, or to question his standing as a legitimate Black
voice, then you are not a critical thinker.

If your criticism of Bill Cosby are not rooted in his failure to stand with his people during the Black Power Movement
of the 50s and 60s, when he was the most recognizable Black man on the
planet, then you are a passive victim of indoctrination and propaganda.
Cosby could have used his status and stage to advance the interest of
his people, like so many others; namely Muhammad Ali, Redd Foxx, or Nina

Bill Cosby even thought the Integrationist, Non-Violent, White controlled Negros of the Civil rights movements
were too radical, or made too much trouble.  He couldn’t even join the
hundreds of Black celebrities in publicly supporting Dr. King and the
other Integrationist.  Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Dick Gregory,
James Baldwin, Mahalia Jackson
and hundred of other wealthy and famous celebrities put their names and
careers on the line to stand with Dr. King and the other
Integrationnist, while Cosby kept his head down.    

Then Cosby went on the global media to play a Black Agent for Western Imperlism at the very time COINTELPRO agents were subverting the Black Liberation struggles in the US, and the CIA was subverting anti-Colonial and Pan-
African Struggles across the globe.  As real treasonous Black Agents
were undermining Black Liberation in the real world, Bill Cosby has
Black people celebrating and rooting for a fictional Black Agent on the
TV screen.

Then, at the very moment the US government intensified
it’s biochemical and legislative wars against Black people using Crack
Cocaine, and Draconian Drug Laws and Policies, Bill Cosby was giving the
false impression to the world that shit was all good for Black people
in the vapid Cosby Show.  

The Drug War was set up to remove the
last few concessions Black people were able to secure from the US
government; and Bill Cosby, who played little to no role in helping
Blacks secure these concessions, provided the propaganda coverage to the
System while it conducted it’s counter-revolution against the Black
community.  The Cosby Show gave the false impression that Black had
finally arrived in America, and any of us could make it as long as we
were willing to strive for it, it ignored many of the realities
concerning Race in Class in the Black community and the Nation as a
whole.  The Cosby Show was a deadly distraction that the Black community
took as a positive expression of Black life in America.  

let’s deal with Cosby’s considerable donations to Negro Institutions
that New Negros who love to defend him love to point out.  First off;
these Negro Institutions only serve to produce more Negros to fill the
ranks of the Negro Elites who loyalty serve the interest of the White
Elites.  That’s why they were set up by White Philanthropist in the fist
damn place, and they haven’t departed from that mandate.

I know this history offends many of you who love these Negro Colleges and Universities, but show me otherwise.  Since Booker T. Washington
set up the first Black schools using White money, that has been their
role, up to this day.  That’s why the more Black professionals we
produce the further behind we fall collectively.  Don’t take my word for
it; Dr Amos Wilson
articulated that; “Black (collective) progress is inversely
proportional  to the number of Black professionals” produced by these
Negro institutions.  The more Black Judges we get, the more we go to
jail, the more Black MBAs we get, the fewer Black businesses we have,
the more Black doctors we get, the more we suffer from chronic disease
and injury; and so on.  

We are not progressing as we package and
ship more of our youth off to White or Negro institutions of higher
learning (and intensive indoctrination).  

Bill Cosby, having
given millions to these Negro Institutions was well within his right to
criticize the failures and shortcomings of our Educated Negro Elites, he
sponsored them, he was one of them, so he had every right to tear them
down and demand more from them, but that’s not what he did.  

Bill instead went after the people he did little to support, and have
virtually no real, or organic relationship with; the masses of the Urban
Black Undercaste, the Black Lumpen.  He attacked the most vulnerable
segment of the nation’s population, which is not only treasonous, it’s
some punk shit to do.  Not only did he unjustly attack the poor Black
Masses, he reinforced all the stereotyped the White Systems created to
demean us, he provided justification for White oppression, he blame
Blacks for failing to “uphold our end of the bargain,” while asserting
that Whites made good on their end of the bargain to give us Civil
Rights, Justice, and Equal Opportunity!  This Muthafucka!!!

even lied on the Black community, saying shit like he was in a grocery
story in the poor Black community (what the fuck would he be doing
there, and unrecognized on top of that), and he heard Black children
saying “motherfucker, and bitch” to their single Black mothers!  Yeah,
he said he saw that, look it up.  Now, tell me were you find a single
Black mother who’d allow that shit to fly, or a Black kid who would even
pull that shit with his Black mother?!?!   Bill’s a lying ass dude.

I could go on, but you get my point.  If you need the White media to
provoke you to give Bill the side-eye, then your don’t have your own
mind, you do not think critically about issues and figures within your
own community, and you need to wake the fuck up.

Oh, and if you
still support “Pill Cosby,” as some sort of hero or Black Leader, then I
really have nothing to say to you, cuz your reading comprehension and
cognitive skills are not even advance enough for you to even understand
anything I’ve communicated here; so just post your pro-Bill comment and
I’ll ignore it.  

I been calling out Cosby since the early 90s,
and catching hell for it; here there are even post on my blog
criticizing and countering Cosby’s attacks against poor Blacks, so when I
first heard about the allegations I believed them because if you can
lie on a whole segment of your own community, if you can parade around
the globe promoting White Conservative rhetoric against your own people,
if you could join your people’s enemies in attacking the most
vulnerable members of your own Race, WTF else wouldn’t you do.  

Finally, Cosby told us that we “can’t blame the White man any longer,”
so I say we hold this S.O.B. to his own damn standard and stop talking
that shit about the White media or White man bringing him down.  The
asshole never really stood up in the first damn place to be brought
down, so fuck him.  Let him and his beloved White System deal with this,
and all treasonous New Negros while we tend to our own business.