Your point about the use of media cycles to cover up certain news stories like the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hilary Clinton was poignant. Alton Sterling, a black man, was killed by the Baton Rouge police yesterday. Black people are killed in the U.S. everyday without much fanfare. The media coverage of Alton Sterling’s killing makes me wonder is the media attempting to bury the FBI’s decision to not prosecute Hilary’s criminal acts deeper in the news by covering this brother’s murder.

Damn, this shows how far behind in answering my blog questions I am. SMH.

But yeah, there are ongoing atrocities commited aginst Africans everyday on US soil, but they only give national media attention to them when they are seeking to influence policy or distract from some other corruption.

All corporate media is propaganda, all of it; it’s best to stick to vetted independedn sources of news… the #BroDialloShow. Sorry for the plug, but I gotta get the word out when I can. #NoPromoBudget