On the Compartmentalization & Ignorance of History…

This Western Elite don’t just suppress knowledge of Black History, they suppress the understanding of history in general. The average White person is as ignorant of their history, if not more so than the average Black person is ignorant of their history.

Knowledge of History allows people to recognize patterns, to map reality, it gives them context and a foundational understanding of how things came to be, why they are the way they are now, and where they are being directed or driven to.

It is difficult to propagandize, indoctrinate, or fool people who understands history. They see the now, and root it in the past, and can project into the future. The Elite hate the educated, that’s why they orient and mandate schooling to train, indoctrinate, and suppress critical thinking, replacing it with memorization.

If people know history they’d understand that the US government has no legal, moral, or legitimate claim to the territory of we now call the United States, same goes for Is-it-Real. They would know that Capitalism is not responsible for the expansion of the middle class in the US, that Capitalism always generates more poverty than wealth. Black people would accept that all Western nations have sought to commit genocide against identified minority groups, be they ethnic, racial, religious, or any other minority, they do this without exception. White people would not call any non-White person a racist, or view the non-Whites they have historically invaded, colonized, and enslaved as a threat. Whites would understand that the White Elite are their biggest threat, their true enemy, not non-Whites.

There is so much fundamental understanding to be found with learning and understanding history. The MH Elijah Muhammad stated most correctly: “Of all of our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research.”

So the massive compartmentalization and general ignorance of history found in the US is not an accident.