What do you think Black immigrants can do to improve the state of their nations?

1.  Embrace Pan-Africanism.
2.  Reject Colonial Borders.
3.  Reject Capitalism.
4.  Reject Tribalism.
5 . Reject Christianity.
6.  Reject Islam.
7.  Embrace the African Diaspora.
8.  Reject Consumerism.
9.  Embrace Sustainability.
10. Reject NeoColonilism.
11. Reject AfriCom.
12. Reject the IMF & World Bank.
13. Embrace (Scientific) Socialism.
14. Organize Locally, Regionally, Globally (ITO).
15. Reject Western Beauty Standards.
16. Reject Western Social Values.
17. Reject Sexism & Misogyny.
18. Practice Communalism. 
19. Prepare for Armed Resistance.
20. Prepare for Global Warming.
21. Revolutionize All Aspects of Life.
22. Heed Fanon.
23. Heed Garvey.
24. Heed Amos Wilson.
25. Heed Dr. Bobby E. Wright.
26. Heed Dr. Marimba Ani.
27. Heed Dr. Claud Anderson.
28. Heed Prof. Bayyinah Bello.
30. Adopt a Vegan Diet.

You question kinda hard to answer because, although Africans have a common enemy and source of oppression, every African nation has varying challenges and resources to address those challenges.  So, Pan-African Revolution in Nigeria will have different characteristics than the same struggle and agenda in South Africa or South Chicago.

So, my list is as universal, but you’d have to construct your specific and day-to-day actions according to where you are, intellectually and materially.

Please reach out again and share your particular area of operation if you seek specifics.  Thanks.