You ni66as have a bad attitude, that’s what’s keeping ya down! Us Mexicans work harder than you, we put up with more prejudice, we have to learn English, and we raise our families. It is tempting to blame the Man, but we don’t. We have stronger ties to our heritage, Church, and family.

I don’t believe for one second that your are a Mexican.  I grew up in Missouri, even dated a Mexican sister and hung out with her brothers on the West Side, and they never, ever, not even once referred to themselves as “Us Mexicans."  Nor did they refer to White men as "the Man,” Grindo, or even Honky, but not “the Man."  I ain’t even saying that Mexicans wouldn’t ever use such vernacular, or that they are incapable of such Racist views, but you tried a little to hard White dude, next time tone it down.

So, I hope you satisfied your pathological need to use racial slurs for the day, and I’m sorry that you, unlike your fathers and grandfathers, have to hide behind Anonymous post, and fake Mexican identities to do so.  But at least the internet gives you an outlet without the ass whoppin that would follow if you called me or one of my Brothas "ni66as” to our faces, or if a real Mexican caught you faking like you were a Mexican. 

Since I’ve started rating you White Racist Internet Trolls, I’ll stick with rating yall until yall leave me the fuck alone and find someone else to troll, or stop trolling all together and go back to watching interracial internet porn like all you twisted White racist love to do.

You get a White Racist Internet Troll (WRIT) Score of: 2 (out of a ten), work  harder and do better.

#WRITScore : 2 (very poor)