Ripe for Revolution.

The government told the Black community, in the racial era of the 60s that if we continued to rebel against the government, kept disrupting the US economy and hurting its international standing by rioting, and seeking to link with international revolutionary and decolonization struggles in African, Asia, and South America; that we’d end up with mass incarceration, rising violence and homicides, and continue to be impoverished and unemployed. So we stopped with all the Black Panther/Black Liberation Army militancy and embraced interrogation, capitalism, and voting as a means to better our communities….

Here we are, half a century from the 60s, and we got everything that the government told us we would avoid if we stopped our Revolution and embraced social reforms. We got higher rates of incarceration, poverty, violence and homicides, drug addiction, and our overall health and life expectancy is also declining nationally.

Just as we were awakening from the scam the government and our established ‘Black Leaders’ pulled on us; they hit us with the Trojan Horse of Obama; which seems to have lull the vast majority of us into an even deeper sleep than we were in during the post-Civil Rights Era.

The fact is, we had more unity, stability, and direction when we were organizing against the institutions of power and oppression (the government and mega-corporations) than we do now that we are inside the institutions of power and oppression. Those who struggle from the outside (Dr. King, Atty. Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton) were able to gain more political and economic justice for us than those who worked from the inside ( Ralph Bunch, Justice Thurgood Marshall, Obama).

Although things are bad, we, in this generation and those who will come after have the benefit of hindsight. We can look back and see that integration and reform were just delay tactics employed to halt our Revolution and reinforce the positions of our oppressors. We can see that they attacked our Revolution, not because it was unlawful, or harmful, but because it threaten to bring justice to America and the world, and justice is a cancer to oppression and those who profit from oppression.

Kwame Ture stated just before his passing that, “America is more ripe for revolution than ever.” I must agree with him. We are in a position look and see where our Revolutionary organizations went wrong in the past. We still have Revolutionaries from that era who are ready to teach and consult us, even organize with us, we have tools and skills that were not available to us in the 60s, and we have people all over the world waiting for us to revive our Struggle and join them in theirs.

Revolution is not illegal (yet), it is not about violence, it is not about leaving your life and running to live in the wilderness, it is not about wearing all black leather, combat boots, and dark sunglasses; Revolution is simply an adjustment in your thoughts, and social relationships. It is about cultivating and structuring relationships that feed what is life affirming, and rejecting that which is not; it is really that simple. Che Guevara put it best when he stated that Revolutionaries are by a “great feeling of love.”

Revolution in this stage is eating healthy, organic community gardens, it is using your disposable income to form cooperatives and cottage industries, local manufacturing, it is supporting local progressive businesses and rejecting corporate mass consumption, it is ignoring corporate media and supporting independent progressive media, it is leading your voice to the voiceless (prisoners, the homeless, bombing victims, etc.), it is refusing to live in fear, it is willingness to reserve some of your time to walk in, teach in, and work in your community for the specific purpose of empowering your community and expelling the parasitic elements from your community.

As we do this work, more opportunities, challenges, and risk will arise, but if we do the initial work properly; we’ll be better prepared as things intensify.

This post is getting long so I’ll stop here. I will be contacting those who have reached out, and responded to my invitations over the weekend, and I look forward to hearing from more of you.