What are your thoughts on Richard Delgado and his introduction to critical race studies? What other readings on race theory would you recommend?

I haven’t read Richard Delgado’s “Into to Critical Race Studies,” but I am familiar with his ideas and analysis.

My main issue with CRT and its proponents is that it’s just Academic Integrationism.  It is ultimately a what Michale Parenti called a “Liberal Complaint,” as opposed to a “Radical Analysis.” 

Whenever you have the opportunity to read or hear the ultimate conclusions of a CRT academic they always rest on legal and social reforms that allow the current Institutions and Infrastructure that were founded on White Domination and Racism to stand.  It’s ultimately a Reformist Analysis, which is inherently a dead-end analysis.  CRT tries to imagine this society without structural racism, how this society would be if non-Whites were allowed free and open opportunity and decision making powers; then it advocates for that society; but it’s impossible.  It’s like advocating the integration of the antelope into the lion’s pride; the lion’s pride is founded on preying on the antelope, just as this society, culture, economic system all rest on the hyper-exploitation of non-Whites, to take that away is to destroy this society and all that rest on it; and the Critical Race Theorist will not go that far.  So they ain’t as “Critical” as they portray themselves to be. 

Perhaps CRT will evolve into Racial Race Theory, or Revolutionary Race Theory, or even become a truly Critical Race Theory; cuz right not the field is actually Liberal Race Theory.  It’s self-limiting, because to take the theory and analysis to its ultimate conclusion would be too much for most of these theorist who dwell in the Ivory Tower.  They don’t like Racism and injustice, but they don’t want to sacrifice their privileges to end Racism and injustice, they don’t really want to move beyond theory and into application either.

It’s kinda like the opposition to the System of Chattel Slavery, some studied it’s impacts of slavery on the Slave, the US economy, and Southern Culture, while others took machetes and cut the fucking Slave Master’s Throat.  The critics of the System were as critical of the throat cutters as they were of the Plantation masters; that’s what happens when you bury real world phenomenon in academia contemplation.  You gotta field test your theories.

We really need our academics developing tactics and strategist for the full dismantling of all of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, not merely studying Race, Racism, and it’s impacts.  We already know Racism and Oppression is bad, and an illiterate Ghetto dweller can breakdown how fucked up this shit is better than most academics. But you don’t get funding for the kinda academics that we really need, I speak from experience.  You can get all the loot you need to study a problem and reform advocacy, but not Revolution, and what we need is Revolution and Revolutionary Scholarship; and CRT has not evolved into Revolutionary Scholarship, not at this point.

They wouldn’t be teaching it on campuses if it had, not in the US.