Do (unconscious) New Negroes especially in western nations suffer under ” Mentacide ” ?

Yes, all New Negros are afflicted with Mentacide, but not all people with Mentacide are New Negros.

Mentacide is a state in which a person is anti-intellectual, anti-analytical, and ahistorical.  There are many “pro-Black” individuals who suffer from Mentacide, that’s why they invent all this Afrocentric Nonsense, Black Puritanism, and other non-viable shit.  A Black person with Mentacide can adhere to almost any ideology or outlook, but they can’t conceive or execute any viable or functional program independent of their Oppressors.

A New Negro is a Black person who has the look and language of a pro-Black or progressive Black person, but their agenda is no different than an old-school House Slave, Sambo, or Uncle Tom.  The New Negro is more dangerous than old-school Sell-Outs and Traitors because unlike their predecessors, they don’t express open disdain for Black people, they don’t expose their undying loyalty to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, they often sound more militant or pro-Black than truly Pan-African Black people.  The New Negro will take a Black spouse, live in the Black community, attend a Black church, graduate from a Black college, celebrate Kwanzaa, and do all the other shit culturally aware Black people do, all the while selling us out at every opportunity. 

It used to be easy to pick out the Sell-Out and Uncle Tom, but since the 60s shit dun changed up; the Sell-Outs and Uncle Toms have been replaced by the more effective New Negros.