We need a new conspiracy corner fam. You need to describe the Trump Hillary election and what the elites behind the scenes are planning with this shit.

The Elites are experiencing an internal class war and Heelary and Buba Trump are their clubs they are using to bash each other; all the rest of us are just collateral.  

This is a simplified breakdown: the Old Money Billionaires are threatened by the New Money Billionaires because their technology threatens to render the Old Money strong holds of fossil fuel, manufacturing, and print/broadcast media obsolete.  There’s some shit I’m leaving out, but this is the gist of the conflict between the Masters of the two Political Parties.

The New Billionaires really wanted Heelary, the Old Billionaires settled for Trump and they won…..for now, their victory will be short-lived.  Trump is the last stand for the Old World Order.

The New Billionaires have a log on renewable energy, hi-tech mechanized manufacturing, and online media; so that shit don’t interest them.

Also, these New Billionaires didn’t work their way up through the ranks; the Old Billionaires had to pay their dues within the Corporate and Capitalist Structure, they were groomed by their predecessors; these New Billionaires got rich while sitting in their dorm rooms, in basements, and musty garages; they don’t respect the Game or the Hustle.  

It’s not different when the White Merchant Class (early Capitalist) overthrew the Monarchs to take over the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Imperialism.  Now the New Tech Elites want to take over GWD and Capitalism from the Old Capitalist Elites.  

Now, the overthrow of the Old World Order doesn’t mean that the Systems and Institutions of White Domination will be any less oppressive, Racist, or ecocide; so there’s no reason for Black folks, or any just and humane people to celebrate this abdication of the throne.  We need to construct and advance opposition to all Capitalist Elites, no matter their vision or methods.