Why is Jamaica so poor?

I could give your the historical, economic, and geopolitical answer, but you can get the by watching Life & Debt.  Or you can read Walter Rodney, or Karl Marx, or anyone who’s honest about the agendas and effects of colonialism and capitalism. 

So, I’m gonna penetrate a little deeper.

Jamaica is poor because Black people across the globe have surrendered our own definition of wealth; or more directly put: we are poor because we haven’t defined wealth.  When you have not defined wealth, and you tragically accept another people’s definition of wealth, you will always be poor or disadvantaged.

The White folks transverse the world and told us what wealth was, according to their own sick definition, and then murdered anyone who refused to accept their definition.   They still doing that same shit today; whenever you see the West attack a nation, best believe their victims are attempting to break from the West’s definition of wealth, they are rejecting their fiat currency, or attempting to value their resources in something other than Western fiat currency, or they are diverging in some other way from the West’s definition of wealth and money; just look it up. 

Saddam Hussein was murdering his own citizens, and invading his neighbors for decades with US support, but the moment he wanted to detach his oil reserves from the dollar, it was over for him.

Look at all of the nations on the “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list, they all have issue with the international banking cartels, every single one of them. 

When someone defines wealth for you, they dictate how you live and die in this world, and the West has the most absurd and dysfunctional definition of wealth ever.  They have devised the most absurd economic system ever: capitalism.  Their definition of wealth provokes humanity to destroy the world’s real wealth in exchange for fiat currency, which is artificial wealth. 

Jamaica and other 3rd World nations will only see wealth and prosperity once they define wealth on their own terms; but doing so will provoke the rage of the Western Elites. So the people of the 3rd World have to unite and resist as one, or they will be crushed individually.  We need a Caribbean Federation of Nations, we need a fully United States of Africa, we need the African Diaspora United, Organized, and Mobilized; we need Pan-Africanism.