Peace Diallo,

Thanks for the critique on M. Garvey. Great read. Enlighten. Worth sharing.

What is Scientific Socialism (SS)?
How can SS aid the revolution and African culture?

Scientific Socialism is applied Socialism, as opposed to Ideological Socialism, which is also called Utopianism.

Scientific Socialism is based on a planned economy, which the needs of the people and the state are weighed against the resources available; and it is determined how best and most sustainable exploit and distribute the resources and wealth of the people.

SS is African culture.  Africans were engaged in SS before Marx was ever born, before Europe was even born.  We had communal systems, based on sharing and cooperation, which respected the ecosystems we lived in, and we developed economies based on meeting needs, not generating profits.  If we fail to establish a SS economic system, then we have no Revolution, if we proceeded with Black or African Capitalism, then we are as doomed as we will be if we continue with White Domination and Capitalism.