Starved for Accurate Analysis & Organization.

One of the major reasons our community fails to defeat many of the pernicious agendas imposed on our communities; from gentrification, to the privatization of our public resources, to predators gaining access to our children, is because we lack the ability to even identify and evaluate agendas, let alone counter them and develop our own independent agendas.

Every single agenda and anti-Black policy initiative has gotten through our community and our so-called Black Leaders without any real obstruction since the subversion of the Black Liberation Struggle under COINTELPRO.

I think this is a result of surrendering the Militant Wing of our movement, along with Integration and Assimilation of Blacks into the Dominate Culture and Economy of the US. We abandoned our own Separate and Segregated ways only to be integrated in to the basement and ground level of mainstream America.

Now we mistake earning Fiat currency, and purchasing goods and services from our enemy as Independence when that is the deepest level of dependency.

We are more dependent on, and therefore vulnerable to our Enemies and Oppressors now than we ever have been since the Reconstruction Era; even with all these Rich, Lettered, and High Profile New Negros running around, from Obama on down.

This is not really a new understanding, but it is a reenforced one that I will better integrate into my organizational efforts.