Are crisis actor/actresses used in false flage operation just like the recent attack in Paris ? Cause they are several Videos and pictures on youtube of a young women who seem to have been in the Sandy Hook shooting, Boston Bombings and now on the recent Paris Terror attack ! I mean cmon that can’t be just a big coincident lol ! Most importantly I notice this same person was wearing a black bracelet in two different Pictures that made me realized that something smells fishy here !

I haven’t followed the “crisis actor/actress” angle to these False Flag attacks, TBH.

I’m wouldn’t be surprised that the Elites are bold enough to do such a thing, and the masses are dumb enough to fall for it; but I can’t confirm this issue.  I also wouldn’t be a good judge on if these White folks are the same or different White folks at these various event….., yall all kinda look similar…to me.  LOL!

But seriously, I’m am solid on the False Flag aspect of most of these terrorist attacks and the unexplored culpability of government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and corporate media in many of these mass shootings and bombings (that they don’t label terrorism cuz White folks are pulling the triggers).