What are your thoughts about China establishing a military base in Djibouti?

Short Answer:

I don’t like that shit.

Long Answer:

China is following the White Industriocapitalist (I made this word up) Development blueprint:

Step One:  Hyper-exploit your own citizens and ecosystems to the point of collapse.

Step Two: Expand to other “less-developed” lands and repeat Step one.

Step Three: Invent ideological, pusedoscientific, and political justifications for Step two.

Step Four: Find the treasonous element within your targeted nations, elevate them to be the “leaders and role-models” for the masses as they aid you in the invasion, colonization, and exploitation of their own lands and people.

Step Four is actually concurrent with Steps Two and Three, but I call it’s Step Four to be consistent with the whole “Step” theme I got going here.

China has not choice but to either abandon (State) Capitalism or begin to construct an Imperial Military and Colonize other lands; you can’t have Capitalism without ecocide and colonization. 

China’s economy is directly proportional to its social cohesion.  There are tens of thousands of riots, protest, and uprisings in China every year, especially in the neglected rural areas.  They are trying to “spread” the prosperity of their Capitalist economy by offering colonial opportunities in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other parts of Asia; that’s the exact same thing that the Totalitarian powers and Capitalist did in Europe, offering their rabble, their unwashed masses the lands, and resources of the “savages” to exploit.

It’s a sick sad cycle, but since we failed so far to build and institutionalize Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, African, and the African Diaspora is vulnerable to ongoing colonization, enslavement, and genocide.

The Struggle Continues.  I do hope, that since the Chinese don’t have the the Missionary component, just the monetary and military aspects of colonization, that we can mount a much quicker and effect resistance movement.  The Colonizers who came with Missionaries (Islamic, Christian) in conjunction with the Monetary and Military colonization and policies have been much harder to expel from African lands and African minds.