Is it all possible for white people to be or become Pan-Africanists? Or is being black the determining factor to be a Pan-Africanist? I was wondering about this because there are quite a few black people that embody white cultural psychopathy and values even though they are very dark skinned… Clarence Thomas for example.

1.  I’ve never seen or heard of a White Pan-Africanist, and I’d be very suspicious if I did.  Why would a White person want to be a Pan-Africanist? 

There are Whites who oppose Global White Domination and Omnicidal Industrial Capitalism, but none of them were/are Pan-Africanist.

2.  I don’t think the New Negros like Obama, or the old-school Uncle Toms like Clarance Thomas embody White Cultural Psychopathy, or Values; they only loyally serve White Psychopaths and mimmic their Values. 

Before New Negros or Uncle Toms can embody such pathology or values they must first prove to be able to fully construct Systems and Institutions of Oppression and Exploitation independent of their Masters; and I’ve never seen evidence of that. 

If there were no Masters there would be no Slaves, the African long predates the Oppressors and Slave Masters; so we’ve proven that we can exist without them, but the New Negros have not proven that they can exist or reproduce themselves without the Oppressors.

So no, there is no embodiment, the New Negros and Uncle Toms are externally driven by rewards and punishments, like trained dogs.