Wow, could you explain more on this Berlin Conference 2014?


There was a “Scramble for African” in the early 1880s, all of the newly industrialized Western European powers were in a rush to lay claim to African territory and resources and to lay waste to African people and Culture.

By this time Africa was exhausted from centuries of invasions from the East and the North, we’d been fighting off the Europeans and their Arab and Asian cousins for so long most Africans could not remember a time when there wasn’t some alien force invading our continent.  Chancellor Williams lays it all out in his classic; “The Destruction of Black Civilization.”

The Berlin Conference sought organize the “Scramble for Africa” in the mid-1880s; it literally tired to bring order to the savage and genocidal process of European colonization of Africa.  Europeans has spent centuries slaughtering each other wholesale, and they knew that conflict was all but inevitable between the emerging colonial powers; and the Berlin Conference was a failed attempt to reduce the risk of intra-European Conflict.  Historically WWI and WWII were wars fought by White people over stolen land, labor, and resources; so the BC, a.k.a. The Congo Conference succeeded in carving up our lands but fail in curbing European bloodletting.  It is also important to mention that the BC marked the birth of modern industrial capitalism, (which has been replaced by finance capitalism in our time).

After WWII the Europeans were so exhausted and disorganized from killing each other by the millions, on an industrial scale they started losing their colonial holdings, the Empires started falling like dominoes.  Instead of accepting that their attempts to colonize Africa and Asia lead to the deaths of millions of Europeans, and even millions more Africans and Asians; these muthafuckas just moved straight into indirect colonization or Neo-Colonilism; they never fucking learn.

Neo-Colonilism held up until the emergence of China, the re-emergence of Russia as a regional super-power, and the collapse of global finance capitalism in 2008; this has driven Europe and the US to embark on old-school direct colonization of their former colonial holdings.  That’s why NATO was retooled as a “global policing force,” and Afri-Com was deployed to secure strategic lands throughout Africa.

I called the US Summit of African Leaders; Berlin Conference 2014 because that’s what it is, the US called them New Negros to the White House to give them their marching orders, Africa is being recolonized by Treasonous African Elites with the backing of the US military through Afri-Com, on behalf of the White and Zionist Elite.

I don’t want to make it more complex than it really is, the history and details are important, but ultimately this is nothing more than High Tech Barbarism, Modern Versions of the Ole Raping and Pillaging that Europeans have always done to anyone they come in contact with since the beginning of their history.