We Are At War…

We are at war!

All African people, all over the world, are at war. 

It matters not if you acknowledge this fact, engage your enemies, or live a life of comfort; you are at war.  Your people are at war, your people have been in a state-of-war, and under unrelenting attack for the past 400+ years.

The purpose of modern war is not simply to kill as many as possible; that is simply the means to the end.

The true purpose of war is to destroy the social cohesion of a nation, to induce panic and chaos, to disperse people and the normal ways of functioning. Then, and only then, can you conquer a people/nation. 

That is why propaganda is always used in warfare, that is why infrastructure that has no military relevance is targeted.  That is why more civilians than soldiers are killed in modern warfare. 

If you review all conflicts in the post-WWII era (and there are hundreds of the); the deciding factor is not who had the most advanced weapons, or who killed or died in the greatest numbers.  The deciding factors in all modern conflicts has been the depth of commitment of the citizens and their fighters, how just they saw their cause, and their level of cultural cohesion. 

That is why the great US military could not win a decisive victory over the shoeless, rice farmers in Vietnam, or the illiterate goat headers on Afghanistan. 

That is also why the Caribbean, African, and the rest of the African Diaspora are so easily suppressed and manipulated by the oppressive nations.  We lack cultural cohesion.

When you visit the ‘Black World,’ all you find are foreign ideologies and faiths.  We pray to gods that our oppressors gave us, we answer to names that our oppresses gave us, we respect the borders and national identity that our oppressors gave us. 

China was only able to overcome centuries of imperial rule, and military conquest only after it had a Cultural Revolution which rejected both the stagnate ways that no longer served the people and ousted foreign religions and values that were imposed by the British.  I don’t agree with China’s chosen path forward at this point, but I respect the fact that they are now developing on their own terms.

If we are going to reassert African Power in this world we must first (collectively) accept that we are in a centuries old war.  A war against European Imperialism; that imperialism has cultural, political, social, economic, and military manifestations; and we need to be willing and able to fight on all of these fronts.

Secondly, we must purge all of the cultural contaminants that have infected us since the early stages of European colonial expansion. 

Finally, we must unite the African Diaspora and the African continent around the principles and agenda of Revolutionary Pan-Africanism. We have to eliminate colonial and ideological borders that divide African people. 

These is not a grand or unobtainable goals; we could achieve them with less than 10% of the global African population if we untie and pool our resources.