Save the Youth, Slay the System.

If you have a hornet’s nest in your area, and your children are being stung, injured, and even killed by the hornets, you don’t try to invent better methods for your children to avoid hornets, or give them thicker clothing and hope for the best; you destroy the nest and drive out the hornets!

If you have a pack of wolfs that preys on the children in your community, you don’t try to convince your children to run faster and find better hiding places. You don’t offer up the weaker, dimmer, or slower children to the wolves in hope that they will allow the “better” children to survive. You find the damn den, flush out the wolves and either drive them off or kill them all.

When you have a system that fails to make a place for all children, one that is incapable of housing, properly educating, providing care, community, and purpose for all youth, you don’t allow upwards of 40% of those children to be claimed by the streets and the underground economy. You don’t force your youth into a life and death competitive struggle for resources and status, you don’t allow the pathological values and culture of that system to govern your children! You confront and defeat the elite who profit from such a system, you take over or dismantle all of the institutions of that system and create a system where children don’t have to become self-serving, sub-human, consumers in order to “succeed” in life!

Don’t bother saving Black youth from the Streets, just to have them pimped by Wall Street, or worse, join the pimps in their Omnicidal exploitation of the world. We need a Revolution, our youth need better systems to grow and thrive within.