Since when do white elites exists ? And who are they predecessor of the white elites ?

The White Elites have been around since the first Neanderthal picked up a club and beat the other Neanderthals so that he could get more than his fair share of raw mammoth meat.  

The predecessors of the White Elites are the African Elites.  Africans were the first people to form complex societies, cultures, civilizations, and social stratifications, so the very concept of governance, rulers, and hierarchy came out of Africa.

Now, don’t run off thinking that Africans Elites were the same as White Elites, that’s the furthest from the truth.

All things people do are born out of, and rooted in their core personalities, mentalities, and culture; and White culture is a world away from African culture, so the White Elites, the way the rose to power, how they ruled, and their larger social impact is not the same as the African Elites’.

The same goes for most other social and human phenomena.  African War, “Slavery,” Economics, Science, Sex, Education, Language, Music, Diet, Customs, etc., were much different than the European versions.  

So you can’t just say; Africans had Elites just like Europeans; you have to be more specific.

I know it’s popular in the modern era to pretend that Racial or Phenotypical differences don’t impact anything beyond skin color, hair texture, and our tolerance for sun exposure; but that’s bullshit.  Race, Asili (Cultural Germ Seed), and Ancestry impact much more than how we look; it impacts how we see the world and how we engage the world around us.  I can’t get into that, but you can check out ‘Yurugu,’ by Marimba Ani, for more insights; but if you are more inclined to believe White scholars over African-Centered scholars, check out ‘The Iceman’s Inheritance,’ by Michael Bradley.  

If you want to know more about African Hierarchies, how African rulers, real African rulers (not Arabized rulers, the puppets of their Arab Masters, or Colonial puppets of European colonizers) ruled, there is a wealth of text out there.  You can start as far back as Albert Chruchward or Gerald Massey; or you can read more contemporary African historians from Chinwezu, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, John G. Jackson, Chancellor Williams, Anthony Browder, and many others.  

If you want to know more about how European Hierarchies rule, just walk into the world of today, the polluted world that is on the verge of economic and worse, ecological collapse.  Unless you are a few hundred years old you’ve lived your entire life under the rule of White Elites, so you know how they get down.  

Even though the African Elites ruled for 10s of thousands of years, they were displaced by Arab, Asian, then European Elites; we are working to correct that before the White Elites completely destroy the life sustaining capacity of the planet earth.  

The world actually works better under multi-polar power centers, that means when several different cultures hold power in several different regions.  That’s why the Black Panthers would chant; “Black Power for Black People, White Power for White People, Red Power for Red People, and Yellow Power for Yellow People.”  Africans don’t want to rule the world, it’s not in our character to wage the constant wars and kill all the people required to rule the world, but the White Elites have proven to be more than willing to do so.  If you think I’m being unfair in that assessment, just review the history of war and conquest and see who’s done the most, see who’s committed genocide on every single populated landmass on this planet, then get back to me.

I’m a Scientific Socialist, so I deplore elitism, but I”m also a Rationalist and I know the Elites will emerge in all arenas, and if we must have Elites they need to be directed to use their talents to serve humanity, not rule over and exploit humanity. That’s the duty of the Revolutionary Pan-African struggle, to bring this type of balance back to the world.