How much money do you think is spent on the campaign to convince Black women that their natural features are ugly, undesirable, unprofessional, hostile, or inadequate?

How much profit is generated by our enemies, and how much wealth is drained from our communities as a result of this ongoing campaign?

How much of our health, the health of Black women, children, and fetuses is compromised as a result of this ongoing campaign?

Every single time you see a Black woman who’s chemically altered her hair to look “non-African,” every single time you see an Black woman who dons a wig of any texture besides her own, every single time a Black woman employs any means to distort, reduce, or cover her natural African features (chemical, surgical, or herbal); you are looking at a causality of a Race War, a Culture War, an ongoing War for the life and well-being of African people.

We need to acknowledge this War, and develop a counter attack. We need to develop Cultural weapons and deploy them without remorse, we need to begin to identify and deal with all of the traitors and double-agents in this War.

We need an African Cultural Revolution!