Gun Control & Black Liberation.

Sandy Hook and the resulting focus on Gun Control is just another Corporate Media distraction.

The truth is; the government don’t give a damn about your guns, they know that as long as we are disorganized, as long as we don’t seek to produce our own goods and services locally, and we don’t value the collective good over individual consumption; we are no threat to this system no matter how many guns we own.

If we were united and rejected consumerism, we would collapse this system of oppression without firing a shot. But we want to arm ourselves against the threat of other people in our neighborhoods, and the fantasy that we can offer some armed resistance to government tyranny.

If we can’t drive slum lords, racist owners of beauty supply stores, nasty corner stores that sell our children toxic garbage, incompetent potbellied cops, illiterate gang-bangers, and petty drug dealers out of our neighbors; how the fuck do you expect to fight off the military when they come to march us off to FEMA camps or to impose Martial Law and curfews on us? I don’t give a damn how many guns you got, without organization, principled unity, a workable and well articulated plan; you will not be able to resist the most basic institutions of oppression in your neighborhood.

I’m not a pacifist, I fully support an armed citizenry, I encourage people to prepare for opposition to all forces of oppression; but we must be realistic. Our oppressors have always feared our unity more than our arms.

Guns will not free or protect us, they are simply tools. Only Organization. Organization can overcome any weapon, because weapons and armies are a product of Organization. We need responsible and practical organization, not the accumulation of weapons driven by fear and insecurity. Without organization, the guns we own will be as big a threat to us as the guns of our oppressors.

Let’s first organize; then train, equip, and arm our people, in that order.

The Bloom Cooperative.