what are your thoughts on white genocide?

There is no White Genocide, not even according to the White definition of Genocide, which is pretty stupid.

Now, Whites are victims of Fratricide; because the only existential threat to White people is White people, or more specifically the White Elites.

But Racist are fucking cowards, especially the low-class, run of the mill White Nationalist who are the primary ones talking that White Genocide bullshit.  So they are not about to attack the White Elites, they will only target non-Whites, Immigrants, Feminist, Muslims, and other vulnerable groups in their regions; and make ridiculous claims about the threat we pose to their Kracka asses.

These dumbass White Nationalism and White Aggressors can watch TV and see White elites doing Hydraulic Fracking in their poor White communities, watch them dump tons of nuclear waste into waterways, watch them destroy ecosystem after ecosystem, and help them do it, but then turn around and pretend that angry Muslims on the other side of the world, or Black urban gang members who’ve never even been to rural White America are plotting to wipe them out.  LOL! SMH.  

It would be truly comical if these damn Rednecks were not so well armed and vicious.    

So, if you know any dumb ass White Nationalist, or if you are one yourself Anonymous, please tell them (and/or yoself) that they need to be fighting White Fratricide and that White Genocide is fiction.  Tell them that White are global perpetrators of Genocide, but have yet to be the victims of it at the hands and plotting of non-Whites.

The clinical term for Whites who claim that non-Whites are committing Genocide is “Psychological Projection,” but I just call them delusional muthafuckas.