Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: The Sci-Fi Distraction.

I’m a huge fan of Science Fiction, but I’m also an avid student of History, and I dabble in the Conspiratorial View of world events; that can be an unsettling combination.

I find myself suspecting that Western Culture keeps our media saturated with tells of alien invasions for deep space or alternate dimensions to distract us from the fact that the real alien invasion of planet earth was actually homegrown.

The Earth was not invaded from Space, it was invaded from Europe!!!

Just look at European History after it received just a little civilization, technology, and philosophy from Africa and Asia, really look at it. It totally overlaps with every Space Alien Horror Story you’ve ever read or watched on the Big Screen!

-Land Colonization.
-Destruction of Human…or Humane Civilization.
-Mind Controlling Brain Parasites…(i.e. Western Propaganda)
-Mass Human Enslavement.
-Destruction of Ecosystems
-Imposition of Weird and Anti-Human Customs (Capitalism, Individualism)
-Introduction of Nightmare Technologies (Nuclear Weapons, Industrial Farming)
-Experimentation and Mutation (Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, GMOs)
-Terraforming and Destruction of the Atmosphere (Global Warming)
-Resource Extraction and Contamination (Ocean Acidification)
-Mass Incarceration
-The Imposition of Alien Gods (Jesus, Allah)
-Breeding Human Servants (New Negros)
-Massive Global Surveillance

The list goes on and on, just look at your favorite Alien Invasion movie and whenever they say “Alien” just think “European,” whenever they say “invasions,” just think “colonization,” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

You could get a PhD in European History and Culture just by watching Alien Invasion Movies and never reading an actual history book. Shit the Alien Invasion Movies are more accurate than the whitewashed history text in many cases.

So now I can’t even enjoy my favorite movie genres because they are a conscious distraction from the really real reality that we are living through.

Well, at least we have the Opportunity to be the real-life Human Resistance, and Earth Defense Forces opposing the real-life Alien Invaders.

Note: Notice how they always make the humanoid aliens look African, Asian, Indian, or Aboriginal…? Yall peep that? There’s some deep Psychological projection in that.