A Revolution Deferred.

How can Blacks/Africans in the United States sit and watch the Government/Corporations/NGOs commit, support, finance genocide against Black/African people all over the world, and think they are secure or immune to the same fate?

It blows my mind, I just can’t grasp it. Our actions, even the actions of us who claim to “know what’s going on,” who are conscious; our actions do not reflect an true and full understanding of the state of the world and where we stand in it.

I don’t want to engage in symbolic, or superficial actions, I want to move as though our house is on fire, and we are locked in the basement.

We need drastic action. We seem to be content to paint the walls of the basement, to rearrange the basement furniture, to call up from the basement for better provisions, to compete with each other for better titles and more comfortable accommodations in the basement. Who the hell wants to break outta of the basement, put out the fire, assert our control over the house, and deal with whom ever set the house on fire?

Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I should allow everyone else to continue in their “positive” activity, and just step aside, because I can’t seem to find enough people who want to address this thing in a manor that I’ve deem appropriate. So maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe more schooling, being better citizens, obeying the laws, dressing professionally, speaking standard English, putting out positive energy to the universe, eating healthy, avoiding negative people (like me), voting for more Democrats, Buying Black (Black Capitalism), paying our bills, advancing in our careers, condemning uneducated and impoverished Black people via Social Media, and all that other shit will work…that will keep us secure and even advance us individually/collectively.