On New Negro Self Exposure…

I was teetering between indifference and amusement and annoyance that Raven-Symoné made a public exit from Blackness, or African-Americaness into a Raceless, Lableless Utopia; but I was being shortsighted.

I think it was great that she made this announcement to Oprah (and therefore before the global media) instead of at some Hollywood cocktail party, or to her wife over pillow talk.

Raven’s public display of her Mentacidal reasonings provoked many New Negros to express support, solidarity, and sympathy for her, and attack us who justly mocked her.

Just think other Races/Communities/Movements/Nations have to spend millions and billions of dollars on Intelligence, Spy Networks, and other means to find internal traitors, malcontents, the disloyal, and those who harbor ill intent against their own; but not the Global African Community.

Black people! Listen to me! We are fortunate to have our internal traitors proudly and openly flaunt their disdain for the Black Community, the Race, and our Plight! No matter how you slice it, this is a win.

Can you imagine what the Zionist would pay to have all Anti-Zionist Jews announce their rejection of the Zionist state? But Anti-Zionist Jews see what happens to those who speak out publicly so most keep their shit on the low.

Just think what the PLO and Hamas would do if all the Palestinians who support the Zionist State went on global or even social media and started announcing that the Palestinians are their own worst enemy, or that they don’t want to be labels Palestinian. Just imagine how the sell-outs exposing themselves would advance their struggle.

Just imagine if all the White Americans who really didn’t support the Empire, or “da Troops,” or could give two fucks about the Red, White, and Blue; or apple pie; started to proudly announce their rejection of their Race and Nationality. Look at how much money the government would save on surveillance. Do you know the amount of time and money the US spends trying to find the hidden White Anti-Americans out here, those who pretend to be down but ain’t.

China, India, Russia, the other NATO states, and all other nations have to hunt down their traitors, or play cat and mouse with them, but not us; our sell-outs announce themselves and their support for each other!

Since our internal enemies, traitor’s, defectors, detractors, etc. have no issue with announcing their betrayals we can save time and resources from finding out who’s who and where they stand on Liberation vs. Assimilation.

So, now all we gotta do is develop protocols and policies for these New Negros, Uncle Toms, and Race Rejectors; and the wanna-bes who wanna be them as we organize to liberate and develop the Global African Community.

Thank you again Raven, and your supporters. ‪#‎NNSEP‬

(Just watch how man New Negros Self Expose responding to this post. Don’t discourage them, thank them.)