Europeans left an oppressive, starving, brutal, and diseased Europe
to find  wealth and a better life (at least that’s what I learn in their
history classes), and they found societies, cultures, and civilizations
that not only (foolishly) allowed them in, they found societies that
were virtually the opposite of Europe, the opposite of everything they
were running from.

Those European “Explores,” and “Settlers” then proceeded to create in the New World the exact same conditions that they were escaping from!  I don’t think we dissect this historical phenomenon enough.

Look at the Racist, Genocidal, Warmongering State the Jews created
after escaping Racist, Genocidal, Warmongering States in Western Europe.

The Puritans were escaping persecution in Europe, and seeking
liberty only to create one of the most oppressive systems the world has
ever seen in the US.  

People fleeing torturous and pestilent
prisons in Europe arrived in Australia only to impose torturous and
pestilent conditions on the Aboriginal peoples.  

Everywhere you look on the globe this has happened.  

So, when White people tell me they wanna oppose Capitalism, or
Imperlism, I’m glad to hear that, but they some fools if they think I’m
gonna assume that they intend to create a just system after the fall of
Capitalism and Imperlism.  Same goes for when they tell me they wanna be
Vegan, or any other progressive shit.

I’m glad when anyone
awakens to the truth of the world and embraces a more just way of being,
from becoming a Socialist, a Vegan, or an Atheist, but don’t think it’s
all good cuz Racism and White Domination is at the root of all the
other bullshit, and I’ve yet to see a mass group of Whites attack and
attempt to destroy the Systems and Institutions of White Domination,
they only seek to take control of the Systems for themselves.

I don’t want to Live under White Domination, even if it’s a Vegan, Ecological, Secular, Socialist White Domination.  Sorry.