Do you think Black males can have privilege in a white supremacist society, and do you believe sexism existed in pre-colonial African culture?

Yeah, Black males can have privilege in a White Dominated, (not Supremacist, ain’t nothing Supreme about Genocide, Domination, Ecocide, Theft, ect.; so we call it Domination, not Supremacy)…White Dominated Society, they can have whatever privilege Whites are willing to grant them for the extent of time Whites are willing to grant them, and within the limitations that Whites are willing to grant them.  Unfortunately, this society ain’t too generous with Privileges for Black males or females, stingy bastards. Oh, and privilege granted to you is not yours, you don’t own it, it belongs to the grantor.

As far as your second question, the answer is NO (if you are grounded in a Eurocentric World View and Context), and YES (if you are grounded in an African-Centered World View and Context). 

If you are Europcentric you will not understand my explanation, and it would be a waste of my time.  If you are African-Centered, then I shouldn’t have to explain what I mean right?

But since you asked the question, then….

Well, here’s the short explanation; all nations have wars, conflicts, corruption, ect.; but they manifest differently depending on the culture that engages in them.  So, sex, rituals, music, and even weapons, and gender roles vary according to culture. 

So, take war for instance, yes there was war in African, but it looked nothing like war in Europe or the Eurocentric context, so to understand African Warfare, you can’t use the European definitions, history, or manifestation of war.  Understand?  Europan war is as different from African war as African music and religions are different from European music and religion.  Right, get it?

So sexism in the European context is burning women at the stake, Chasity belts, killing women in droves because they are believed to be possed by demons, equating women’s biological processes with demonic forces, total exclusion of women from all things holy; from the destruction of female deities to exclusion of holding positions of power within their religions, having myths and religious doctrine that attributes the origins of sin and death with the first mother Eve.  I mean, shit!  Western Cultures are as anti-women as you can get, (including their cousins in the Middle-East and Asia).  So, it would be a grave error to assume that Sexism is the same across all cultures, or manifested the same in all cultures.  So, did Africans have the murderous, structural, and institutional sexism prior to Arab and then European invasions and cultural contamination; I have yet to find evidence of it, nor have our great historians, who yes are mostly men, but there are also many women such as Dr. Marimba Ani and Dr. Charshee McIntyre.

So if your only understanding of Sexism is from a Eurocentric Context, then that shit didn’t go down in African until aliens brought it to our shores.

But was there abuse and corruption yes, Africans are human (the first humans, but human none the less), and per-invasion and pre-colonial African was no Utopia.

The sexism of Western Origins, or even sexism intrinsic to African is now tied to all the other systems of oppression in African and cannot be targeted or destroyed unless all the other systems of oppression are destroyed also, there’s no women empowerment while African is under the grip of foreign occupation and domination; there is not Liberation of African without Liberation of African Women, and vice versa.

As stated, the Integrationist and Black Feminism don’t want to accept this truth, they want to be like their Oppressor so bad that they will even integrate with the crimes and dysfunction of their oppressors, they want to adopt the Western culture and its crimes.  They want to imagine that Black people are just White people with dark skin and kinky hair, they don’t want to accept that our differences are much deeper, any separation from Whites is painful for them, even separation from White atrocities.  They really wanna assert that Africa was just like Europe, except warmer, but that’s not that case.

Black men and women didn’t not construct the same social and sex relationships that White men and women did between each other, we were not perfect, but we were not anywhere close to what our Oppressor were/are and we didn’t do the kinda shit they did. 

I want to say more, but I’ll stop here because I’m just starting to anticipate all of the Feminist backlash and answer their Bullshit before then even get to fling it at me, but maybe I’ll get lucky and no Black Feminist will even read this post.  LOL.!

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