Being an Pan-African Vegan Atheist, Is it hard for you to find African women that share the same views as you?

Nope, once I got my shit together, and grew up a little She was right there; I would have found Her sooner but I was slow to grow.

My wife is a Revolutionist, a Pan-Africanist, a Spiritual Agnostic, and one of the best Vegan bakers on the planet. 

When you find Black men, who hold any type of views, complain that they can’t find an African Woman that shares their views; it’s because they ain’t looking for an African Woman, they are not worthy of an African Woman, or they have some more growing up to do and refuse to admit it to themselves.

For better or worse; the African Woman is dynamic, shit, the most dynamic.  She can match and surpass you on whatever shit you on.  The media tries to pigeonhole African Women, they wanna say she only has a few manifestations and if the African man wants to embraces some far-out ideas or some fringe lifestyles then he’ll have to find a non-African Woman…that’s some BullShit! Only people who don’t dwell among our people, or who outright reject Blackness fall for that shit because we manifest on all levels and on levels otha muthafuckas ain’t up on yet.

You can be a Black Punk, Uncle Tom, Militant Black Separatist, an Off the Grid Survivalist, Black Religions Fundamentalist, a Black Atheist, a Black Vegan/Live-Foodist/Breathaterian, or anything else, and if you have love and commitment to African women you will find a partner that will go there with you, wherever you want and need to go; if you apply some intelligence to your search you will find an African woman who will take you to the top of where you wanna go and help you avoid the traps along the way.

So it was not hard to find African Women, or an African Wife who shares the same views as me, not at all.