Thank You Iggy Azela.


The Hip-Hop Community owes Iggy Azalea a debt of gratitude, she’s emerging to be a fucking line in the sand, got folks lining up according to who embraces the art and its essence, and who’s willing to pimp and be pimped by those who seek to commodify Black Culture.

The same thing happened years ago when Eminem’s “Racist Rape Hour,” tapes were exposed; where he said “Black girls are bitches,” and called the rest of us “porch monkeys.” (…/hidden-little-known-facts-…)

New Negros broke their necks to defend Eminem, starting with that “Hip Hop Icon” Russel Simmons. He and many other Shit Hop artist and moguls held EM on their shoulders, and still do. They did a good job us sheltering EM and eventually buried the issue as he went on to make millions and be declared the reigning King of Hip Hip. Hell, he’s the fucking Rap God, and I’ve heard him even be called a Conscious MC.

Ironically Benzino was on the frontline trying to dethrone EM, and he paid dearly for exposing EM’s blatant Racism, and trying to keep the story alive in the Hip Hop media.

Now Iggy is provoking the same “Protect Massa and Put Out the Plantation Fyah!” mentality of these New Negro Minstrels, and the larger Black community again has an opportunity to demonstrate if we’ve finally learned that Culture and Arts are married to Politics and Economics; that our cultural inventions and resources must be reclaimed and guarded as aggressively as our natural and material resources. That if we allow our Cultural Resources to be raped, then we are showing that all things Black and African are up for grabs, up for exploitation, up for continuing Rape.

There will be no Black Revolution without an African Cultural Revolution!

So, where will we stand, we gon line up on Iggy and T.I.’s side, like, Lupe Fiasco, Nelly, and so many other Minstrels have done?

Are we gonna walk that very thin line in the sand, and refuse to stand fully on either side, like Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip?

Or are we gonna embrace Azealia Banks, and other principled Artist and Cultural Warriors and reclaim our culture, establish a protective barrier around our Culture and our….I said OUR artist?

We will only get so many chances to make this decision, collectively to assert to the world; our Culture is not a fucking playground or discount market for our historical enemies and oppressors!

I made this decision when I was 14, I only support Artist that support our struggles, I abandon Minstrels who pimp our struggles and our culture for their own agendas, our sell our culture the highest bidders.

It’s really not that hard to do, and when you finally begin to engage the Arts from a Pan-African and political perspective, you will find that your cultural options and the Artist you support are way fucking better than these Culture Bandits, Shit Hoppers, and Minstrels that corporations are feeding us anyway.

Again, we need stated policies and protocols in this area as well. We can not enjoy any level of power or security until we begin engage in the art of State-Craft; until we organize ourselves and set some baseline policies, protocols, and agendas dealing with everything from Cultural Appropriation, to Police Atrocities, we are not gonna stumble and scream our way to Power and Liberation.

“Everything is Political, Everything!”