What is your viewpoint & opinion on CRISPUS ATTUCKS?

When I was a child I was taught to be so proud of Crispus Attucks.  I was taught that he die fighting the evil Red Coats in the name of Liberty and Freedom.  LOL!!  SMH.

I now know that he was simply a victim of police brutality.  There’s no evidence that he took the side of either of the Krackas in the fight between the Colonist and the Royalist/British Troops.  Homie was in Boston on shore-leave or some shit, trying to get some beer and food before he headed back out to sea; and some pigs shot him.

CA was an unarmed Black man, committing no crime, shot by the police; who later said they killed him in self defense.  Sound familiar.

I like the reality of CA than the myth; I always though it was shameful that a Black man would die for White liberty knowing his own people were in bondage by the very Krackas crying about their own lack of freedom.

The myths about CA just goes to show you that most of the heroes of the American Revolution, and American History in general are lied about; George Washington lied all the time, and the Founding Father didn’t give to shits about equality of all men.  Most popular history is mythologized to support the myths we live with today. 

We need to clear the name of our ancestor Attucks, and stop letting people lie about him dying for the Thirteen Colonies, I’m sure he couldn’t give two shits about the colonies or the colonist, the Brotha was just tryna live.