Are Blacks in America the permanent underclass as predicted a few years ago by Dr. Claud Anderson?


Yes, under this economic paradigm, Black are, and will remain a permanent underclass; or more accurately an Under-caste.

The beautiful thing is that this is a doomed economic system, which is already in its later stages of decay.  The catch is: we are not guaranteed a seat of power in the emerging paradigm either, that’s why we must employ and advance Revolutionary Pan-Africanism; to both expedite the dismantling this current Omnicidal Economic System and to direct the world towards a sustainable and just set of social and economic relations.

When we struggle for reforms, integration, capitalist development, obscene accumulation, or assimilation into this system we are simply securing seats on a sinking boat. 

I have utmost respect for Dr. Anderson, I have read all of his books, contributed to his think tank ‘The Harvest Institute,’ and worked hard to disseminate his teachings throughout the Black communities; but there are some gaps in his analysis and solutions from my point of view.  I think there’s too much dependence on the US and the institutions of power upholding and holding to their own laws and protocols, and too little emphasis on our opposition to the current Systems and Institutions of power. 

He’s too comfortable with Capitalism for my taste, but I still think his teachings and efforts are valuable in our transition from Global White Domination to a liberated, balanced, and healed world.

To sum up (because there will be those illiterate individuals who will accuse me of encouraging Black people to be poor and embrace poverty): 

  1. Black people need to work to form and expand enterprises.
  2.  We need to create economic niches for ourselves and our descendants.
  3. We need to aggressively secure land and resources, and capitalize on our collective skills and labor.
  4. We should master and take full advantage off all technologies in the market place.
  5. We should study both this obsolete fiat economy as well as the emerging post-carbon economy.

We should do all that shit and more, my divergence is: I assert that we should direct all that human and economic activity towards Pan-African Liberation, establishing Scientific Socialism, and dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination (Industrial and Finance Capitalism being just one component of GWD).

I do not support Black people simply mastering Capitalism and enjoying the toxic fruits and pleasures of this system as the world’s ecosystems are destroyed, and the masses of humanity live in desperate poverty; which is what our current #Talented10th tend to do with their Riches.

Good question.