Any thoughts on the Chinese led development bank “BRICS”? Is it really worth its hype as an alternative to the world bank & IMF or is it just another economical weapon for more developed countries to exploit smaller ones?

All of the BRICS nations; Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have demonstrated that they are as willing to exploit, incarcerate, impoverish, and kill their citizens for the benefit of their economic and political elites.  All of these nations have committed atrocities, mass killings of their citizen or subjects who’s protested or demonstrated for social, political, religious, cultural, and economies justice. 

I don’t even have time to list the many atrocities these nation’s leaders and elites have committed against their own citizens; there’s no reason to think that any of these leaders or policies will ultimately be better for Africans and oppressed peoples around the world than Western Domination. 

Just like Africa, Asia, and Latin America underwent Neo-Colonization when they kicked our the White Colonizers, the BRICS nations seem to be trying to impose Neo-Globalization while kicking out the IMF and World Bank. 

Noam Chomsky wrote years ago that “the health of the economy has no correlation to the health of a society, or its citizens (under capitalism).”  So, BRICS nations are no better than IMF or World Bank because they seek to replace these Capitalist Globalization institutions; and replacing an oppressor is not the same as ending oppression.  Even if the new oppressor looks like you, or has some reforms in place to make the oppression less oppressive (in the beginning).

BRICS nations are simply imitating the West, and the masses will still be fucked over; we need Revolution, not Black or Non-White Capitalism and Globalization, or Eastern Imperlism to replace Western Imperlism. 

We need World Revolution, we need Scientific Socialism, we need Re-localization of all economies, and a total redistribution of the worlds land, wealth, and resources; not Black, Brown, Asian, and Eastern Capitalist trying to replace White and Western Capitalist.