Some of Heelary’s Black Supporters are: Woke AF.

Don’t simply denounce Heelary’s Black supporters as brainwashed, blind, fearful, or unconscious; it’s so much more complex that that.

It’s really important to understand this because without the #BlackVoteHeelary would not only not be president, she would not even have secured the Democratic Party Nomination.

Many Black Democrats are well aware that the Democratic Party represents Class Interest that put them in direct conflict with the interest of the Black community, and in direct military conflict with anti-imperialist forces in Black nations across the globe.

These are the Black professionals, the Negro Elites, the Black Oath Takers (Blacks who belong to societies, organizations, bureaucracies, and clubs that require them to both take an oath of office, but put the interest of that body above and beyond their Racial interest). Obama is a Black Professional, a Negro Elite, and a Black Oath Taker; he is the current Patron saint of this grouping of Blacks, but he’s far from the only one.

These Blacks are separate from the masses of Black people who are voting for Heelary out of fear of Trump and Republican repression of the Black community, these are the individuals who are not simply duped, or indoctrinated, but they consciously vote against out collective best interest because it serves their indivudal, class interest.

The don’t want to change the Democratic Party, the don’t want to challenge the Status Quo because they benefit from the Status Quo; they are set up as our role models, they rally our people to support the Democratic Party, they stoke our irrational fear of Trump and the Republican Party in general, they do their jobs well and they are rewarded handsomely.

So, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all of these Black Heelary supporters are blind, deaf, and dumb, many are as conscious as you are, they just lack Racial loyalty, or they put their Class interest over our Racial interest (which is also treason).

We must Expose, Isolate, and Expel, we must follow and reinforce protocols of identifying and sanction internal traitors if we want any level of cohesion and functionality in our community and movements.

It’s not enough to simply denounce or mock “coons, Toms, and sell-outs” we have to have rational policies to prevent their emergence, and to counter their efforts.

All people who have succeeded in Liberating themselves and erecting structures of independent power had to deal with members of their Elites who sided with their colonizers and oppressors, we are not unique in this, we simply have to stop worshiping Success and Wealth as our oppressors and their Black puppets define it and represent it; that’s the start.


Diallo Kenyatta
Diallo Kenyatta

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