Thoughts on the subject and or issue of IQ?

IQ has complex and sordid history.

One thing that’s been consistent is IQ tends to be higher in those who hold power and lower in those who lack power.  Now, I know it’s tempting to conclude that the smarter people hold power because it’s simply the natural way of things, but it’s not.

Early in civilization, power was held by the biggest, meanest brute in Western Culture, their power was justified by their might and it was accepted that might made right, because non-acceptance could get you a club in the cranium. 

Then the strong men started handing power down to their offspring, regardless if they were strong or not, and often those offspring were mentally impaired, either mad or just stupid; being a product of Royal inbreeding didn’t help much either.  It was accepted that Blood is what gave one power, and non-acceptance would get you a sword to the cranium.

After a few hundred years, people thought it was wrong to pass power down according to Blood and that there should be some other marker for rulership and power, that’s were IQ, or intelligence came into play, around the time of the European Renaissance.  The “educated” were worthy to rule, and non-acceptance could get you a bullet in the cranium.  (Of course all of this shit is from a Eurocentric perspective because that’s where intellimetrics and IQ testing came from.)

Of course, the muthafuckas who already had hoarded all the power and wealth were not gonna surrender the power and wealth to some cleaver peasant.  So they began to codify intelligence, to tie it to all sorts of shit that it really has nothing to do with, they gave intelligence not only a cultural bias but a class bias, racial bias, and every other kinda bias that would favor those already in power over those who had no power. 

Thus IQ came to be directly associated with not only an individual’s intelligence, but how well an individual’s intelligence fit within the Culture and Outlook of the White Elite.  IQ measures your ability to function and achieve within a Western Academic, Cultural, and Economic context.  Unfortunately Western Culture and Economics are psychopathic, that’s why psychopaths are almost always identified as being very intelligent in this society.  Google any documentary on psychopaths and they will start with “psychopaths are often very intelligent,” I swear, they say that shit every time. 

Here’s another thing, IQ has the tendency to change when a people’s social, racial, and economic status changes, but the IQ boost follows, not precedes people’s advancements in the social hierarchy. 

The Irish were concider to be “White Ni99ers,” and genetically deficient in IQ when they were under the boot of the British, but when they came to the US and assimilated, all of a sudden the gene that made them not only consistently unintelligent, but criminal somehow vanished. 

The Jews scored the lowest on IQ test in Nazi Germany, and all the rest of Europe prior to the German Holocaust; but very high nowadays, hmmmm.

At the turn of the last century, when the US was writing laws to exclude Asians from entry into the nation, Asians were determined to be a people of low IQ due to their own unique “mongoloid” genetic heritage.  Now, we don’t even have to discuss Asians and IQ in this era, do we?

Black people in the US were concidered to be so low in IQ that we were subhuman, but at the same time we were determined to be only 3/5s human there were laws written and severely enforced prohibiting teaching reading and writing to our African ancestors.  Now, why would you have to legislate a reading ban on a sub-humans who “barely lacked the capacity for speech?" 

Also, the Middle-East, the land that (according to Western History) gave the world agriculture, algebra, the modern numbering system, etc; have been falling in both IQ and contributions to human culture and academic development. So one’s standing on the IQ totem ain’t permanent.  LOL!

I’ve even had my own run it with the IQ hustle, I did a bid in Special Ed. and was marked by the Public School System as an idiot (that didn’t use that word, but that’s what is basically meant in my records), no one determined the poverty, racism, lack of investment was the problem for me, nope, my low IQ was the problem and giving me even lower educational standards and opportunity was the solution. Self Fulfilling Policy….I mean, Prophecy.

IQ has been far from consistent, or scientific in it’s measurement and application throughout history. 

Also, would a person with a high IQ, let’s say Bill Gate be as equally successful if he was forced to live in an Inuit village in the frigid North, or a Twa village in central Africa?  Is IQ universal on lock into ones particular cutlure and the social relations establihed therein?

Was it really a sign of high IQ when J. Oppenheimer "fathered” the Atomic Bomb and brought humanity into the nuclear age?  Would it not have been more intelligent to not cultivate such destructive technology?  Is it intelligent to destroy one’s own land base for short-term profit?

Finally, in the US IQ is tied to eugenics, social engendering, and genocide.  Everything from forced serialization, to denial of economic and educational assistance has been justified by IQ.  The argument is that if someone’s IQ is inherently low, then all the support and opportunity given them is wasted because IQ is predetermined and fix.

This of course ignores epigenetics and all of the evidence that one’s intelligence is impacted by everything from social environment, nutrition, to exposure to more vocabulary words in childhood.  Also the human brain is found to develop and change throughout life, not just in childhood and adolescence, you can cultivate intelligence at anytime in life, but why bother to do that for Human Resources, right? 

I said all of that to say, that IQ shit is toxic and until we dismantle this System of oppression and exploitation and replace it with a global system of cooperation and justice, IQ will continued to be used to justify oppression and atrocities, along with the hoarding of the wealth and power by a psychopathic few.

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is the book “The Bell Curve,” by Charles Murry and some other racist muthafucka.  It is literally a textbook example of everything that fucked up about IQ and Intellimetrics. (Don’t buy the fucking book, don’t even waste time reading it, I read it in the early 90s, and I still regret it, just take my word for it. If you must read it, please, for goddess sake, check it out form the library, under someone else’s account.)

Sorry about the lenght of the response, buy IQ is a sticky Topic.