“We Sick Boss” Syndrome.


The “We Sick Boss” Syndrome: a mental illness where New Negros feel obligated to speak for and defend Whites, especially when Whites are not present to do so for themselves.

WSB Syndrome appears to be genetically passed down from the trusted House Slaves on the ole Southern Plantations, to their New Negro descendants that are with us today.

Those who are afflicted with WSB Syndrome will attend Black meetings, or but in on Black conversations to make sure Blacks don’t get away with making anti-White comments, or that we don’t build up or idealize Blackness and African History.

When WSB Syndrome sufferers are having an episode they will make comments like:
-“All White people ain’t bad.”
-“If we attack Whites we are no better than them.”
-“We sold each other into Slavery.”
-“If America is so bad why so many people tryna immigrate here?”
-“Whites have treated me better than Blacks ever have!”

When encountering a WSB Syndrome sufferer do not try to apply logic, reason, or refer to documented history, it will only enrage them and make them defend Whites more aggressively and attack Black more ruthlessly.

Mocking them is a good defense mechanism, but it will degrade your overall discussion in the long run, so I don’t recommend that unless those around you are also secure in their African mindsets.

There is no way to constructively address WSB Syndrome aside from the exclusion and isolation of the patient, because they seem to be impossible to heal, even when Whites attack them directly their Syndrome kicks in and they say shit like; “can we all just get along?”.

If a WSB Syndrome sufferer enters your lecture, community meeting, barber shop conversation, or any other Black gathering, just remove them, if they can’t be removed and the group cannot be moved away from them, just stare at them silently and softly shake your head. They will sit down and shut up once they feel they’ve adequately defended White people and put their fellow Blacks back in their place.

Note: Some WSB Syndrome suffers have been know to have multiple flare ups in meetings and other gatherings, so you just gotta ride it out. The Web has also provided these poor sick individuals with an entirely new outlet for their psychosis, so be wary of them online too.

(I’m working on an Afrocentric DSMMD, but it’s going so slow because psychology is not my area of expertise and there are so many of these Negro Specific Mental Disorders or NSMDs. But I’ll keep plugging away.)