The Black Lumpen.

The US, since the end of the Civil Rights era has successfully created what Dr Claud Anderson calls; “a permanent Black underclass.”

The US economy has entered it’s 4th-5th decade with a large population of unneeded Black workers, and has yet to offer anything more then false promises of employment if our youth jump through all the hoops, or mass incarceration as the youth enter the “underground economy.”

Blacks have been systematically impoverished and denied their share of the nation’s wealth since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation ; this just share was denied us through open brutality, land theft, Redlining, wage theft, public policy manipulation, ongoing Counter Intelligence tactics, cultural subversion and distortion, employment and elevation of Black Race Traitors, etc., etc, etc. Over 1Trillion dollars of wealth was stolen from Blacks in the rural South alone when our ancestors were driven out during the Great Migrations. The White majority has been robbing the Black population since the era of Chattel Slavery and it continues to this very day.

Now we have a large Black Lumpenproletariat that lacks any internal cohesion, and generates hostility both internally and externally; and everyone seems to have forgotten the distant and recent history that has brought us the Ghettos, homicides, mass incarceration, and other chronic problems that plague our people today.

The Black Working-Class and the New Negro Elite incorrectly blames this Black Lumpen for all of the issues that afflict the Black race.

Other minority groups show us utter contempt even as they generate wealth and secure the American Dream off of our cash and labor.

The White Elite and the White Masses not only incorrectly blames the Black Lumpen for the problems of the Black race, but for the overall decline of the Nation. They stupidly believe that the economy is in decline because Blacks are draining the nation through welfare and other programs. They believe we are causing the moral decline of the nation though degenerate music and an overall lack of respect for Protestant Values. They believe we are even threatening the health of the nation because we have such an uncontrollable drive to consume unhealthy foods, and our animal lust drives us to spread STDs throughout our communities and the nation as a whole. Not to mention the crime waves and incarceration rates that are blamed on the Black Lumpen.

Whites put most of their problems off on the Black Lumpen and they have many rich and vocal New Negros who parrot their blaming and slandering of (one of the most) vulnerable and hated segments of US society.

(The irony is, these New Negros really think that, as a Final Solution is carried out against the Black Lumpen, that they will be exempt from the fate of the Black Masses.)

Understanding the state of the US economy, and how other Empires behave as they collapse we need to understand that Blacks are in a very precarious position; and as bad as shit is the Hood shit is slated to get much much worse, the atrocities of the Hood will expand to all areas of Black America, even the suburbs and the affluent Black communities.

If we had a Black equivalent of the CIA and the Pentagon; they would produce these threat assessments and advise our leaders on how best to avoid or respond to these issues, but we don’t, because the New Negro Integrationist told us we could depend on American agencies to serves us as they do the White citizens.

We really need to began to fully accept and articulate where we stand as a People, and whats coming down the line if we want to avoid the fate of all other minority populations within Western Empires.

The European Jews were not the first nor the last population within a Western Industrialized nation to be isolated, scapegoated for all of the Empire’s social ills, and then mass incarcerated and/or systematically murdered with the direct/or indirect support of the State.

Will we, as a People simply watch the hammer come down, as we work/consume/pray, or will we defy this?

We can turn this all around, but it will take a Revolution, because there are no viable solutions for Africans (or the rest of humanity) within this system that our New Negro Leaders keep pushing us to integrate into.