Black Dysfunction and New Negro Condemnations

I’m so sick of New Negros posting this videos and images of the Black Lumpen engaged in degenerate or dysfunctional behaviors, from drug abuse to violent confrontations. I mean, what’s the point, what are these New Negros trying to communicate?

Then they post these videos with comments like:
“We need to do better?”
“What’s wrong with us?”
“This is what my tax dollars go to support.”
“Our people are so fucked.”
“This is why people hate us.”
and my personal favorite…
“I’m so through with Black people.”

“Through with Black people;” now really what the fuck does that even mean, how do you do that, what adjustments to their daily lives and routines do they enact once they have decided to be “through with Black people,” and usually they say they through with “Ni99as,” not Black people.

Why do they make this announcement? Would we know that a New Negro was through with the rest of us if they didn’t? I guess I’ll never know because I shun any Black person who’s through with Black people; you through with me, Imma make you stick to that shit.

I also wonder, since Black people living in depraved conditions and behaving in self-destructive and anti-social ways is enough for you to denounce or even attempt to exist the Race, what is the line you drawl to shunning other Races or groupings?

I’ve never seen a New Negro post an image of victims of a US drone bombing with the caption; “Our nation needs to do better.”

I’ve never seen a New Negro post a video of a destroyed ecosystem and state; “what’s wrong with these multinational corporations?”

I’m still waiting on a New Negro to post an image of a militarized police phalanx while lamenting; “this is what my tax dollars go to support.”

I’ve never seen a New Negro post an image of the most recent extinct species with the caption; “Our economy is so fucked up.”

I’ve never seen a New Negro post an image of one of the Navy’s aircraft carriers imposing an illegal embargo against another nation with the caption; “this is why other nations hate our nation.”

I’m still waiting on a New Negros to post a video of any of the atrocities that the White Elite commit all over the globe every single day with the caption; “I’m so through with White people.”

New Negros are just ideological and Class bullies; they know attacking their own wins them accolades from their White friends, social media contacts, and colleagues; and they been selling out and dissing our Race for that pat on the head for generations.

These New Negros who love to highlight the dysfunction in our communities, who lack empathy for the traumas our people suffer, and any deep understanding of the dysfunction that oppression breeds, annoy the shit out of me. That’s why I’m glad I’ve embraced the ‪#‎NNSEP‬, so that the annoyance they cause me is just like their intelligence: extremely limited.