Black Women & Western Standards

We have a large population of Black men (and women), whom I call Black Puritans
, who swear they are not only African, but that they embrace African
values, and seek African Liberation; at the exact same time they impose
values, restrictions, and social roles on Black women that were taught
to us by White and Arab enslavers!

Even these Black men who will
talk all this anti-Christian and anti-Islam shit; who bow before a
bare-breasted Oshun, or follow the Laws of Maat, who swear they love
Queen Nzinga, that they would have been down with Harriet Tubman, who swear they would have fought with Nanny of the Maroons;
turn right around and attack Black women who embody the actions and
attitudes of Nzinga, Tubman, or other “hard headed, unladylike,”
rebellious women.

They swear that the women of today are nothing
like the women of the past, but you can rest assured that there were
insecure men who leveled the exact same criticism against women of the
past.  It’s so easy to idolize women you will never have to face while
attacking those you deal with on a day-to-day basis.  

There are
Black men who swear that the Black woman of today is so much worse than
the women of their mother’s, grandmother’s, or great-grandmother’s day.
That’s some dumbshit.

There were insecure Black men who thought
that the Black women on the plantation were not as good as the African
women on the continent.  There were insecure Black men on the continent
who thought that the Black women in colonial Africa were not as good as
the African women of pre-colonial Africa.  There were insecure Black men
who thought that the Black women of pre-colonial Africa were not as
good as the Black women of African antiquity.  

See what I’m
talking about, if you can’t empathize with and respect the Black women
of your era; then you just don’t respect or empathize with Black women,
it ain’t got shit to do with their dress, behaviors, or the times you
live in, it’s just you Black man.

We are all under oppression,
and there are very wide ranging responses to such unrelenting
oppression, some retreat, some submit, some deny, others resist; but no
matter our responses to oppression; we are not responsible for our
oppression!  So blaming Black women for our oppression is no different
than blaming a rape victim for their rape.

Every single time I
post anything that appears less than condemning of Black women I have
all these “Ra, El, Hotep, Judah, Amun, Zulu,” types attacking me!  I got
some conscious African making a “video response” to my assertion that
how a Black women dresses is not a measure of her morality or value as a
person.  That’s what homie wants to fight about, not all of the shit I
post on White Domination and strategies on how to dismantle it!

hate even touching on these issues because these insecure, AfroSexist
will wear you down, they are numerous and relentless, but I then think;
“imagine how it must be to be a Black woman to deal with these
muthafuckas.”  SMH.

There are literally Black men who’ve gained
celebrity and earn a lot of money based on attacking Black women and
blaming them for the down-fall of the entire Black Race!  

are Black “leaders and scholars” who are teaching that the solution to
all our problems rest in Black women being covered up, while being
moral, and submissive to their men!  Not just these Christian idiots,
but men who swear they are Pan-African, who swear they oppose the White
man and the Arab, but who treat Black women exactly like they taught him

I’m logging off because I got a lot of work to do today and I
don’t have time for all the “simp, fa99ot, not-a-real-man” retorts that
are gonna hit my feeds and inbox today.  Or time for dudes telling me
that it’s the “White man who wants Black women exposed” (ignoring the
fact that there are also large segments of Western Culture that
demonized women who don’t cover up, that they started the whole “cover
up” BS, even before the Arabs!).  Or have dudes swear that I’m saying
all Black women are above criticism (even as they are the main ones
liking my post criticizing the Feminist Movement, and other issues were I
disagree with some Black women).  

I don’t have time to read all
the assertions that I’m calling for all women to expose their bodies,
or that I don’t respect women who cover their bodies, or that I’m
judging women who cover up like others judge women who don’t cover up:
(yes, I’ve had all these and more responses from functionally illiterate
people who continue to miss my points).

The bottom line is that
you can’t pretend to reject our oppressor’s politics, economics,
culture, and values while embracing his twisted gender roles and Sexism.

If you want Black women to behave or present herself as a
subjugated woman of the oppressor class, then you are still a Slave; and
you are only secure with an enslaved woman beneath you.

Pathological Insecurity is at the root of much of the White man’s
actions; and Black men who envy or seek to mimic White men tend to adopt
and project that same Pathological Insecurity.  

Stop seeking to
impose Western Standards on Black women at the same time you are
pretending to fight against, and be liberated from Western Domination;
that shit don’t make sense!