From Prosperity Gospel to Prosperity Afrocentricity….& All the other BS Inbetween.

I knew the whole Prosperity Gospel doctrine was yet another bullshit hustle being run on our poor and desperate Black communities, but now the Conscious and Cultural Community is getting in on the hustle!

We got Prosperity Consciousness, Prosperity Revolutionaries, and Prosperity Afrocentricity pimps running around trying to tell folks they can “get rich,” if they apply their consciousness to getting money, or that the Revolution is all about getting (personally) rich.

Seems that nothing is sacred is the era of Hyper Consumerism & Global Capitalism, these Omnicidal Ideologies have even infected the very movements that were erected to counter them.

I know I’m gonna get attacked as being pro-poverty by some idiots who’ve been duped by this BS, I don’t even feel like explaining the difference between Riches and Wealth, and why it is inappropriate to promote the Black Liberation Struggle as a Get-Rich-Quick scheme.

I’m all about building enterprises and establishing Pan-African Institutions, but please miss me with your Infomercial, fly-by-night, huck&buck pimping of our peoples’ struggle for Liberation for petty material gain. Go do dat somewhere else.

I ain’t gon say the names of the individuals and organization doing this kinda shit tho, I’ve already reached my “Calling out Clowns Quota” for this week. Most of yall know who I’m talking about anyway.