Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Po-Po Cams.

Wait, are we now fighting for the police to record us now?

I can’t keep up with you Reactionaries; yall need to send out memos or something.

I thought we were against surveillance, I though we didn’t want the cops recording us, compiling data, cataloging our images and movements…I guess we forgot about COINTELPRO, or the fact that the State and their henchmen abuse every power, policy, and tool afforded them, especially when it come to it’s Black subjects….I’m sorry, I mean “its Black citizens.” SMH.

But who could imagine how the State and the henchmen can abuse cameras, right? I’m just being paranoid as usual.

I guess this is not just another sign that we need these New Negros, Integrations, and their White Liberal Masters to get the fuck outta our movements and faces so we can conceptualize and implement real solutions. No, not at all, perhaps the Po-po Cams will be used in our favor and against the Fascist…..LoL! Sorry, I couldn’t even keep a straight face when typing that.