Government/Corporate Propaganda.


What disturbs me most about American government and corporate propaganda, is not it’s pervasiveness, or that fact that it’s so damn effective, what bothers me most is its level of simplicity.

I’m just scanned through about 50 channels of corporate/cable media (a truly rare act for me) and got just a taste of CNN, msnbc, Fox News, MTV, TLC, and a bunch of other corporate/government media outlets. I wasn’t surprised at the fact that the entire time the scree was selling me both products I don’t need, and ideas that I need even less, but why the hell did they have to insult my intelligence at the same time they violated my senses?

American propaganda is the most blatant and simplistic propaganda I’ve ever seen. Are the citizens of this nation really that dumb that they fall for it? Are we, as a nation so over worked that we just can’t comprehend or counteract the propaganda? Does this nation simply suffer from mental exhaustion, do we simply ignore the propaganda? Do we simply accept that mass consumption and over-stimulation is a fair trade off for living in under a Omnicidal Empire, so we just let the state do as it will as long as it keeps us fed and entertained?

I was literally getting outraged at the lives being fed to me by the TV screen. I really can’t see how people can watch corporate/government News without throwing shit at their TV.

I’ve studied propaganda for the past 9-10 years, I got into it when I was forced to watch a series of short films about working in the healthcare field when I was about to start clinical rotations for my X-ray Technologist certificate. The films totally contradicted my experiences with the US healthcare system, both as a patient and as a healthcare worker. I thought “damn, these films are bullshit, and we all know they are bullshit, yet we all have to sit here and digest these lies together.” Then we had to repeat the lies to each other over and over. That was my first realization of propaganda and its use in the real world, because most of the other X-ray techs really internalized and began to teach those same lies.

From then on I’ve read every book on propaganda I could get my hands on, I’ve digested hundred of articles. My favorite text is ’Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes,’ by Jacques Ellul, but I think Noam Chomsky does great work on dissecting Western Propaganda and its impacts.

My studies have led me to conclude that Propaganda is the most effective weapon that the systems of White Domination and Corporate Capitalism have at their disposal. If the systemic propaganda broke down or the people started to really study and analyze it; the Omnicidal Empire wouldn’t last one election cycle.

Please don’t passively consume any media. The entertainment, advertising, Public Relations, News, and print media employ as many psychologist as they do journalist, and performers. It’s all about directing your thoughts an actions. If you surrender your mind, they don’t need to place shakes on your hands and feet. We all know mental enslavement is easier to fall into and harder to get out of than physical bondage.

Remain Aware.