Nothing New About the New World Order…For Black Folks.

Too many Black folks running around talking about the Illuminati: New World Order, as if the loss of national sovereignty, enslavement, military occupation and repression, government spying, government subversion of our organization, population control, and genocide are NEW to African people. WTF?!

Stop listening to these Christian Fascist, Capitalistic, White Nationalist like Alex Jones, and the rest of them. They are not interested in Black Liberation, or any of type of liberation, they just want a different from of theocratic White Male Domination than the one we are currently under.

They expose some of the truths, infuse it with White Bias, Christian Theology, and Libertarian Rhetoric, but ultimately, they only serve to provoke fear, and distract us from what Africans should truly be upstanding and what we should be doing.

Your enemies (so-called) enemy is not always your friend.