Black Capitialist…The Biggest Joke.

It cracks me up when people who are totally outside of the system of capitalism, people who are nothing more than Human Resources to this system pretend that they benefit from it, that they are a part of it and receive dividends. LoL. Damn House Ni@@ers on some ‘We Sick Boss’ shit, ‘Our system is de bess ain’t it Boss?’ shit.

These Black capitalist need to find a history book and look at the world of unregulated capitalism during the Industrial Revolutions, they need to visit Bangladesh, Nigeria, or Mexico today for a taste of unregulated capitalism.

I don’t know what’s worse; us embracing Slave religion, or the Slave economic system as our own.

At a time when many Europeans are abandoning Capitalism, we got Black folks who still wanna dress up in Massa’s old rags. Damn shame. Black Capitalist…I’m sure the real Capitalist get a good laugh outta that notion.