ObamaCare is a Sham!

Obamacare is a sham!!! Not only did Obama fail to correct the worst problems in US healthcare delivery, he further validated a corrupt and deadly systems of for-profit insurances and pharmaceutical industries.

The Black community, and the political Left mistook a man who was doing nothing more than working to improve his personal power, wealth, and profile; for a man who had true convictions and the interest of the masses at heart.

It’s not hard to determine the core problems in US healthcare, and it’s even easier to address them.

Core Problems:

1. People who do not deliver healthcare, or provide direct support to healthcare workers are making money off of healthcare, hell these parasites who profit from healthcare but do no work within hospitals, clinics, homes to assist the sick and injured make the most fucking money off of healthcare.

2. We live in a Capitalist system, and there is more money in disease and treatment, than in health and cures.

3. The public is kept ignorant of and dis-empowered to address community heath, fitness, nutrition, and the many pathogenic chemicals and behaviors embedded within this culture and society.

Simple Solutions:

1. Define healthcare, housing, and nutritious food as a basic right, and remove any opportunity to generate profit from providing or denying the basic necessities of health to the public. Anyone who is not providing healthcare to people, providing products and services, or support to healthcare providers should make one dime off of the healthcare system. When we expel the parasites and healthcare cost drop exponentially.

2. Remove the dominance of the AMA over healthcare and prevent them from limiting the number of doctors. We also need to open up the system to what is now stupidly called Alternative Health and Alternative Practitioners. Open the whole system up. Finally prioritize prevention of chronic diseases in healthcare training and delivery.

3. Equate the health of the environment with the health of humans. Stop imposing these pathogenic “lifestyles” on citizens. We will only be as healthy as the environment we dwell in, so we need to construct ways of living and relating that promote heath. Start education and training in human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and environmental sustainability in the first fucking grade, and continue over every person’s lifespan.

Obamacare dosen’t even acknowledge the core problems, let alone seek to solve them.

Just as Obama’s election took the steam out of the emerging movement against Capitalism which collapsed the global economy in 2008, his Affordable Care Act took the steam out of the movement for Single Payer Health Care.

We need to stop falling for propaganda and following these corrupt puppets and construct the world we all want.

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